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At Thunder Rotts The Haus, we are passionate about breeding high quality Rottweilers with exceptional temperaments, health, and conformation. Our commitment is to provide families with loyal, loving, and well-socialized Rottweiler puppies that become cherished members of their households.

Responsible dog breeder with over 25 years of skills and experience producing healthy high quality dogs both physically and behaviorally for any situation.

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Introducing Dock: Our noble patriarch, epitomizing Rottweiler strength and power.


Introducing Polly: Our nurturing matriarch, embodying the essence of Rottweiler love and grace.

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Why choose Thunder Rotts The Haus Rottweilers?

Quality: We adhere to high breeding standards to produce Rottweilers with excellent health, temperament, and conformation

Experience: With years of experience in Rottweiler breeding, we have the knowledge and expertise to produce top-quality puppies

Commitment to the Breed: We are dedicated to preserving and promoting the Rottweiler breed's integrity and characteristics

Support: We offer continuous support and guidance to our puppy buyers, ensuring a smooth transition and lifelong relationship with their Rottweilers.

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